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All the tutorials in this site have been created and written by me.
I have expend a lot of energy and time to put them here for you to enjoy.
Please Don’t claim them as your own.

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  • Don’t rewrite or turn my tutorials into scripts.
  • Don’t share my tutorials in Yahoo groups without my permission.
  • Please NO HOTLINKING  by copying my tutorials or any part of them,
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  • Feel free to share a “Text Link” to my tutorials.There is no need to ask me for permission,
    although your messages in the comments of  my website will be really appreciated.
  • Feel free to Print a copy of my tutorials for personal use only.


..:: The Supplies


  • I  do not claim © on the graphics/photographs I used they belongs to the artist who created.
  • I only claim © on the masks, brushes, shapes or graphics that I created and I am sharing with you
    They will be identified with my name on the file.
  • Please don’t change the name of these file use them for your own tutorials or upload them into any site for download .
  • When is know:I will add a link to the authors, artist or tubers . If you see something here that needs credit,
    email me and I will credit you immediately. It will be my pleasure to respect your rights.


..:: Permits 

Thank you to all the talented artists and tubers. Who have given me permission to use their fine art:

  • Mtm Brigitte “Top desing tubes”
  • Filly “Dream in the dark forest “
  • Pza Leia “Galaxia Pza Leia”
  • Crystal “Tubed_Crystal”
  • Suzy Sgai “Studiosgai”
  • Jackie “Jax tubes”


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But please save it into your hard drive and link to my HOME PAGE only. Thank you!

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